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Virus Removal

A question we hear quite frequently is, “but how do I have a virus when I have an anti-virus installed?” We understand the frustration that comes with any malware infection and will stop at nothing less than ensuring that your machine is completely clean, operating as it should, updated to current and that you are armed with the understanding necessary to keep it that way.

The process:

First, if the operating system is accessible, we check your system for the described symptoms and verify that it is indeed being affected by malware. Sometimes, the symptoms are so obvious that our removal process will need to begin immediately, with your authorization. When not so obvious, we check for running malware services running in memory. If we positively identify anything malicious on your machine, we will inform you and with your authorization, begin our removal process. “So, what’s this ‘process’ we’re hearing so much about?” Hey! Glad you asked!

Our malware removal process is an intensive 12 to 16 step process which ensures that your machine is thoroughly cleaned from any intrusions it has encountered. “Why 12 to 16?” Good question! Well, not all malware infections are created equal and the assumption mustn’t be made that they are. We have a very specific order in our process in which the logs produced from the previous step dictate which step will take place next. It is not unheard of for a machine to be rendered inoperable by removing malware improperly.

We’re thorough:

We don’t just run a bunch of scanning tools and hand it back to you. We take the time necessary to perform your malware removal properly. “How much time do you take?” Another great question! Our malware removal process takes 48 to 72 business hours, on average, to complete. Yes, there are others claiming same day service; this is not a complete malware removal process and you will likely be left with a machine which will be vulnerable to a recurrence.

Once your machine is verified as clean from all malware, including any viruses, worms, ransomware, rootkits, Trojans,  spyware, adware, etc., we go through the settings and use functions of the operating system to ensure full functionality. If problems are found with Windows Update, administrative privileges, any Windows services, applications, browser settings, etc., we correct those as well. We know that you don’t just want to know that your information is safe and computer clean from malware, you also want it to be returned to its normal functionality.


But that is not all! We also implement our MIRMS (Malware Infection Risk Mitigation System) on every malware removal we perform. Our MIRMS is a system that reinforces the “back end” of your system, keeping any known software vulnerabilities patched so that your risk of a malware recurrence is reduced to as close to zero as humanly possible. We use this same system on our own computers and haven’t had to perform a malware removal on our own machines in over 10 years.

That is just one example of how we strive to make your experience with your computer the best it can be.

Not everything is malware:

“Freezing” or a “BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)” are not always synonymous with a “virus.” These symptoms can also be produced when the system is trying to write or read data to or from a bad block of RAM memory or a bad sector of the hard drive, among other possibilities such as corrupted drivers, overheating components, failing video cards or on-board chip-sets. Hardware problems have been confused with malware issues by many people on many occasions. We do not let this happen.

If no malware services are found on the initial check or the operating system is not accessible, we thoroughly test your RAM memory for errors and run a complete surface test and remap of your hard drive followed by a full stress test of your video card and/or north bridge and of your CPU using the best industry standard testing techniques available.

If problems are found in your hardware, you will be informed immediately of the total cost out the door to repair with parts, labor and applicable taxes. Once you have authorized, we order the parts immediately, unless we have the particular part in stock. In-stock parts will be replaced immediately upon your authorization and any following work, if any, will continue.