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Laptop Repair

A good number of us have moved from stationary computers to notebook (or laptop) computers. Whether our lifestyles have us on the go and we use them for business, we prefer not to have a dedicated area in our homes to be taken up like an office or we just like to have our computers with us rather than our having to come to them, a majority of us have taken favor to these more mobile computers.

Oh, The Risk!

Of course, with mobility comes the price tag of the possibility for more physical damages to the computer as well as other risks as they are subjected to public and open WiFi networks. Accidents happen and when they do, we’re here to get you through the collateral damage as smoothly as possible.

Regardless of the mishap, The Silicon Savior Computer Repair Service offers solutions for all your laptop repair needs, including but not limited to the following:

  • Hard Drive Diagnostics and Repairs/Replacements
  • Basic as well as Advanced Data Recovery
  • Mother Board Repairs/Replacements
  • DC Jack (Power Jack) Repairs/Replacements
  • Battery Replacements
  • Charger Repairs/Replacements
  • LCD Screen Replacements
  • Memory Diagnostics and Replacement
  • Operating System Upgrades, Updates and Reinstalls
  • Software Installations, Configuration, Reconfiguration and Updating
  • Optical Drive Diagnostics and Repairs/Replacements


There are some things that some of us dislike about these convenient mobile computers. You may feel vulnerable by not having an external backup source easily available, like that desktop’s clunky external hard drive. Maybe carrying the machine becomes a burden or feels dangerous. It may be that using a touch pad just doesn’t quite make the grade for your personal taste.

You may require a charge on your machine as you travel in your vehicle but have no receptacle for your power adapter. Possibly, the built-in speakers are not what give you the audio experience you’re looking for in your computer. Well, you are in luck, friend! We carry quite a good selection of computer accessories to solve these problems as well!

  • Wireless Mice
  • Carrying Cases
  • Bluetooth and USB Speakers
  • USB Flash Drives
  • External/Portable Hard Drives
  • Universal Laptop Chargers
  • Car Universal Laptop Chargers

At The Silicon Savior Computer Repair Service, we are consciously working to make your user experience a much better one than you even thought possible.