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Computer Repair

The Silicon Savior Computer Repair Service started serving the Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas in January of 2007 with some main goals in mind. Some of those were to provide quality computer repair services, to provide those services at a reasonable cost to the customer, to provide the highest level of honesty in those services and to give back to the community we serve. We have stayed true to those ideals and it has been an awesome journey thus far.

We take utmost pride in our work, understanding that the finished product is your every day use of your computer. We understand that you want that experience to be a hassle-free one. When your computer is running as expected, you get more done in less time and have more opportunity to live the rest of your life.

But the reality is that electronics aren’t perfect and will experience problems, including failures. And when yours fails, the realization sets in about how much you rely on your computer each day. When that happens, we are here to help. We have thousands of successful repairs under our belts and are happy to put that experience to work for you. We perform just about any of the repair and/or upgrade needs you may have on PC computers as well as Mac computers.


Diagnostics & Troubleshooting:

The first step in our thorough diagnostics process is to listen to you. No one knows your computer’s regular behavior better than you. When something goes awry, you’re the first to spot it. We listen to you describe what you are experiencing and, most of the time, we get the clues we need to shrink the footprint of possible problems. Then, we use our knowledge and experience, along with state-of-the-art diagnostics tools to determine what is causing the described symptoms.

Once determined, you will be told the problem, the solution, the exact price, parts (if any are necessary), labor and applicable taxes, for out-the-door pricing. We will offer honest consultation about your options and whether the repair seems economically feasible. If you authorize the repair, we move forward. If not, we will return your equipment and you’ll only pay a $35.00 bench charge for the diagnostics (not charged beforehand).

What We Do Then – The Repairs:

The following is just a small sampling of the computer repair services we offer:

  • Repair/Replace/Migrate Hard Drives (kept in stock)
  • Repair/Replace Motherboards/Logic Boards/PCBs (including soldering and reworking)
  • Diagnose/Replace RAM Memory
  • Diagnose/Replace Power Supply Units (PSUs) (some form factors kept in stock)
  • Data Recovery (on almost any device)
  • Reconfigure Dysfunctional Software (including removal of malware)
  • Expert Operating System Installations (like you won’t find elsewhere)

But My Computer Isn’t Broken; I Want Some Upgrades!

We also just happen to perform upgrade services if you just want to have a better performing machine. The most common but not exhaustive list of upgrades we perform are as follows:

  • Solid State Drive Migrations
  • Memory Increase Upgrades
  • Video Card Installations
  • Multiple Monitor Configurations
  • Wireless For Your PC
  • Optical Drive Installations (CD, DVD and BluRay players and/or burners)
  • Software Installations/Updates/Configurations

Feel free to contact us when you’re having computer related problems and see why our customers are happy with our services and continue to rely on us to help them remain productive with their computers.