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How to Access Windows 10 Updates

So, unsurprizing as this may be, Windows 10 has changed the way Windows Update is accessed. In this post, we will attempt to answer many of our clients who have wondered how to access this important feature of Windows. While we hope you find this to be informative, this is not intended to be a guide for you to diagnose problems with your computer or to replace a professional technician’s understanding of observations made while performing work on your machine, only to inform you of what you need to know for updating your machines in Windows 10. Since Micro$oft could change things at any time, check back frequently for updates to this article for more information as it arrises!

Performing Windows Update in Windows 10

First, open your new but somewhat familiar to pre Windows 8 users start menu and do as follows:

Once your settings module is open, click on “Update and Security.”:

Click on “Check for Updates” in the following window:

Windows will then check for updates on demand:

Windows will then download any updates, if available, and then install them as well. If there are none you will see the following screen:

Pretty simple, we know, once you know where to find it!

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