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Warranty Information

  • New computers have manufacturer’s warranties. Initiation & use of said warranty is the responsibility of the customer & thereby not in any way that of The Silicon Savior Computer Repair Service.
  • All used/refurbished computers include a 90 day hardware warranty unless otherwise specified. Parts manufacturers’ warranties beyond 90 days will be the customer’s responsibility after 90 days. Warranty period for layaway items begins upon layaway agreement’s final payment date. (Items on layaway will not be updated by our staff and will need 60 days worth of updates upon pickup.)
  • 1 & 2 year extended hardware warranties are available for 33% & 66% of the purchase price on any computer sale, respectively. Extended warranties begin & must be purchased on the original invoice date & are non-refundable. There is NO deductable.
  • Any warranted computer brought to us for a covered repair will be either repaired at no cost to you, exchanged for a comparable unit or we will offer a full refund if we cannot repair or replace the model. The Silicon Savior Computer Repair Service reserves the right to determine the appropriate course of action.
  • The Silicon Savior Computer Repair Service reserves the right to review all returns to determine the cause of failure. Only hardware failures due to defective components qualify for free repair or exchange during the warranty period. Hardware failures due to negligence, exposure to moisture, improper use, acts of omission or physical damage are disqualified.
  • Software issues including viruses, application misconfiguration or operating system errors are not covered under our warranty.