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Abandonment Policy

Abandoned Computer Policy

  • All repairs/purchases must be paid in full before items leave our shop.
  • All computers must be picked up within 30 days of the invoice date.
  • Should item(s) remain over 30 days from the initial invoice date or an open work order inquiry be ignored by a Client for the same period of time, less arrangement with the owner, item(s) will be considered abandoned & will become property of The Silicon Savior Computer Repair Service.
  • Any acquired item will be sold for as much as market value allows, ensuring recovery of lost time/money.
  • Should an abandoned item sell for less than the initial invoice balance, The Silicon Savior Computer Repair Service will render an additional invoice for the balance to your email address on file as well as a hard copy to the physical address on file.
  • Should the remaining account balance maintain unpaid status after 30 days from the secondary invoice date, it will be turned over to collections & appropriate civil action will be taken.