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About Us

So, What’s The Story?

The Silicon Savior Computer Repair Service was started in January of 2007. Our beginnings were a response to the need for honest and dependable computer repair services in the Wilmington, NC area. We are from Wilmington, NC originally and have roots here. We won’t be here today and gone tomorrow. From the humble start of working out of a home office to maintaining our current store front, this journey has been a difficult but rewarding one.

Why Do We Do This?

Solving our clients’ computer-related problems is a passion of ours. We love working with their computers. We decided back in 2007 to take heed to what a wise man once told us. He said, “If you find something you enjoy doing, you’ll never work again a day in your life.” While we do definitely feel like we’re working, we also enjoy solving problems for people as well as empowering them to learn more about their computers.

What Makes Us The Experts?

The owner of The Silicon Savior Computer Repair Service started tinkering with computers in the early 1990s. It grew into a hobby which began to take away sleep time at night. It became what some would deem an obsession of sorts. Deciding to turn his passionate hobby into a new career, he saw the value of education in the field. To this end, he pursued a degree in Computer Engineering Technology, a CET Networking Certificate, a CET Networking Security Certificate and an Electrical Electronics Certificate.

So obsessive was he that he completed all of those courses with Phi Theta Kappa honors and the President’s Award for maintaining a 4.0 GPA throughout. This is what defines him as a person as well as a technician; he will settle for nothing less than the best and refuses to allow work produced by his computer repair shop to miss the same mark.

We go the extra mile to ensure that our services and products are top of the line. We do behind the scenes work that often never gets discussed. But the ultimate outcome is a product of exceptional performance for the available resources. If you are the type of person who doesn’t wish to settle for less than the best, then you will be served well the visit The Silicon Savior Computer Repair Service when you have problems with your computer.

What Does The Owner Say About All Of This?

Well, when asked what is the most rewarding aspect of this business to him, Billy said, “I like being able to solve people’s problems and provide them with what everyone wants from their computers; to be able to get in front of it and have it perform as the customer expects it to perform without the hassle of trying to “figure out something.” I believe everyone’s computer experience should be ‘User Friendly.'”

That is some philosophy there. You can count on the type of dedication that no one would expect from someone who is “just doing their job.” We have over 1,500 satisfied customers in the Wilmington, NC area in our database and strive to maintain our reputations as honest, knowledgeable, affordable and friendly computer technicians with integrity you can trust. Just read what our customers are saying on our testimonials page and allow us to repair your computer today. Also, feel free to submit your own testimonial and it will be live on our site ASAP!